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These are concepts and character types that are smiled upon. Some are concepts, some are little nuances that will add to your character's design. Keep an eye on this as it will be ever-evolving.

University Characters

  • Faculty/Professors
  • Students : Players need to remember that university students are young, so they will be treated as young by older PCs. If you cant handle not being viewed as an adult by older characters please avoid making characters under 21.

All Races

  • Business Owners : There are many businesses already present on the game that can be taken. See them HERE
If you plan to make a club, please contact staff first to make sure we don't already have several of that type on the game.
Business owners must be at least 25 years of age or older.
  • Medical Professionals : Remember to keep age in mind when apping physicians.
  • Polices Officers
  • Criminal Types

Sphere-Specific Wanted Concepts

The following concepts are currently being sought by spheres. If you are interested in apping any of the below concepts, please be sure to contact staff for any details that may be important.

  • All Mundane concepts are wanted at this time.
  • All Vampire concepts are wanted at this time.
  • All Werewolf concepts are wanted at this time.

Concept Search

These are concepts being sought out by players. These may be family members, significant others or anyone else. These concepts should only be taken after speaking with the person noticed as the contact.

  • The Triple 6 bar is seeking bartenders, waitresses and muscle. For more info contact Bram (See the original post Here)

Last Updated: 09/04/2017