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Haven, Massachusetts is a fictional, thriving city of just over 200,000 souls. Although it boasts a relatively average crime rate for its given population — it holds the record for one of the highest cities in missing persons along the Eastern seaboard. Considered by many as a tourist mecca, it has never lost its quaint New England feel and has earned the nickname of the 'Hidden Treasure of the Northeast'.

A strong harbor for the import and export industry, Haven remains a very transient community and prime location for various new businesses. Though it has weathered the downturn of economy fairly well, it has not been immune. Communities such as Northridge, have experienced a little more negligence due to lack of city funding. The city appears to be on the upswing under the guidance of Mayor Merriweather - a man responsible for rezoning and urban revitalization projects. Such projects have only managed to promote a higher cost of living for those within the city, which has recently led to a greater dependence upon two-income household living.

On the flip side, the city has long been home to those of a more preternatural bend. Werewolves and Vampires have managed to co-exist in a relatively peaceful setting. While neither would consider the other friends, they are not enemies and frequently find themselves unified more against the outward threats of hunters, witches, demons, and ghosts. Rumors exist that the Fair Folk once called Haven their home, but they have not made their presence openly known in centuries.

Haven is divided into four main neighborhoods: Northridge, Oakhurst, Stratford, and Bayside. Each one unique with its own flavor and design.

Whitaker University

Whitaker U is one of six state-assisted universities in the state. It was founded in 1890 and became a comprehensive university in 1977. Graduate programs were first offered in fall 1947. The campus is a mixture of traditional and modern architecture and shaded lawns framed by evergreens and landscaped walkways. A nationally renowned Japanese garden in the center of the grounds offers a serene place to think, reflect, and relax. Whitaker U is four blocks from historic downtown Haven. Most shops and restaurants are within walking distance. The city and campus are accessible by wheelchairs, bicycles, and strollers. Other points of interest include an arts complex housing the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, musical performance halls, a theater, and Nicholson Athletic Pavilion.

Whitaker's main campus is in Haven. The community prides itself on quality living, and students experience a friendly and safe small-town atmosphere.

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Hyde National Forest Preserve

Construction on the Hyde National Forest began in 1964 and eventually it became one of the area's most beautiful and enjoyed man-made forest preserves. Hyde National Forest encompasses 18,000 acres, joining with the Black Leaf Reservoir. The Reservoir is a home to fisherman and locals alike, offering a respectful range of wildlife and beauty, along with a plentiful fish population and carefully maintained beaches for families.

As with any lake, Black Leaf has suffered its losses. In June of 1968, just 1 week before the reservoir was to be flooded, 8 workers were killed when a truck hauling logs from the site overturned, pinning them below the load. In 1978 the lake suffered a rash of drowning accidents, one of which claimed 8 lives, among them the 13 year old daughter of the city's mayor Robert Laurence. In 1998 the lake was struck by tragedy again when the community suffered 8 boating accidents, losing 8 more lives.

Despite this grime blot on the Reservoir's history, it remains a popular and crowded place during the spring and summer.

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City At A Glance

Mayor Eugene Merriweather
Population 200,327 (2013)
Founded In March 1693
Size 70 square miles

What You Should Know

  • Haven rates as the #1 city for missing person cases and #4 for unsolved murders in the state. Despite this, enrollment at the University is at an all-time high as students flood from all over the country to study within these hallowed halls.
  • The city gives way to the forests to the south and west. And while the locals make use of the vast stretch of wilderness, the first rivals the city for in dangers. Many unsolved murders have taken place here, along with several fatal animal attacks. Hikers are warned of the dangers of wandering into the deep woods. The coastline and waters to the east are no safer, and the cliff-sides and waves have claimed many lives.

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