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If you have something you would like to post, please be sure to follow the steps as they are pointed out below. If you have questions, please contact staff. Remember, the staff do not permit logs with sexual themes to be posted on the wiki or included in game wide plots. For no reason is adult content to be made public using our boards or site.

To create a new log entry, just type in the title of the log. (Example: A log would be titled 'This Is a New Log')

The log list template for your character page can be found HERE, and the template for making new logs can be found HERE.

To create a new log, type name into the box after "Log:". Don't delete that first bit; if you do, the log will not be set up properly.


Season One Logs

IC Date Log Summary
2017.07.01 Almost Awkward Chase seeks out an attorney and after paying the retainer fee, it turns a touch awkward.