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Staff never mind ad swaps! In fact we enjoy them. Staff merely ask that players who post their ad on our game also post our ad on their game. It's only right!
Our ad is found below:

+bbpost #/Wicked Things=[center(ansi(m,Wicked Things),78)]%r[center(ansi(hx,Address: 4919),78)]%R[center(ansi(hx,Website:,78)] %R %R %bThe city of Haven is not what it seems. The world is a very different place than most could ever dream, drenched in the intrigue and political power-play of the supernatural population. The creatures of myth lore are very real, and as bridges are burned and alliances are forged, more and more problems are befalling the New England City. %R %R %bWe are a game based on urban horror, supernatural intrigue and political RP. We have been around for a long time, told our story and now it’s time to start again. After seven years of play we are proud to launch out new storyline, with new races and possibilities. We have revamped our spheres, tightened the bolts and renewed our drive and dedication to the world of horror and myth. We're back open and ready to welcome players, returning and new alike!%R %R %bA few things that Wicked Things offers are: %R %r %to App a Mundane, Vampire or Werewolf  %r %to Play a Mundane Subsphere: Thralls, Wolfkin, Psychic or a Prophet%r %to Focus on community RP, not cliques! %r %to A friendly, welcoming and involved staff %r %to A voting system to allow players a say in all major theme shifts %r %to A PrP friendly theme with occasional staff-ran plots%r %to The same rules for everyone, players and staff alike %r %to A very open theme that makes transfers very easy! %r %to We will try our best to make your concept work!%R %R %bWe just reopened so we are looking for people who don’t mind giving feedback or getting in on the ground floor.