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There are several Families on Wicked Things which PCs can app into for an established, ready-made playgroup. Things to bear in mind when apping into one of the families:

  • Some groups and families are Sphere-specific.
  • Family Status will be handled via the existing Status quality.
  • Status within supernatural spheres is handled via the existing Renown quality.
  • There are limited to no mechanical benefits or drawbacks to joining an existing family or group.

If you wish to app into a family or group, it is recommended that you discuss your concept with existing members before apping to be sure your PC will mesh well with the group's theme and established RP. While players cannot approve or refuse a PC concept, contacting existing players first will ensure you are able to start RP with a good relationship with the players already on grid. Please do not app in a PC with ties to an existing PC if the other player has not given their okay for this. Of course there is always the ability to RP into many of the groups on game. More information on current groups and families can be found below.

General Groups & Organizations

Active Families

Supernatural Groups

Active Covenants

None at this time.

Active Packs

None at this time.

Inactive Groups

None at this time.