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Improving Characters With Experience

So what do players do with all these experience points? They work much like the character points used to create the character. They can be used to raise Attribute and skill levels, to acquire new Qualities or reduce or eliminate Drawbacks, or to increase Metaphysical abilities. The cost of these improvements is different than the cost of acquiring them during character creation, however. After a character has been defined, it is a lot harder to advance in some areas. To determine how to improve characteristics, refer to the nearby Character Improvement Table. Also remember that as this is a RolePlay game, staff expect most upgrades to have seen at least SOME RP or at least have IC justification behind them. Staff do not hand out 'off camera justifications'. ** This means that there should be actual logs posted to the wiki justifying the stats you are looking to raise, whether they are from participation in specific plots or simple RP sessions. **

Staff permit only 2 upgrades in a 2 week span and a stat may only be raised /1/ level.

Creation Basics

  • Attribute : 20 points per level (see text below)
  • Existing Skill : The cost of the next level (e.g., to go from level 3 to 4 costs 4 points)
  • New Skill : 6 points for level 1. Cost equal to next level thereafter.
  • Quality : Same as per character creation
  • Remove Drawback : Pay off the original value of the Drawback + 5

Supernatural Elements

  • New Psychic Powers/Invocations : 10 points for level 1
  • Existing Psychic Powers/Invocations : 15 points per level until level 5; 20 points per level thereafter
  • Compel : 15 points per level until level 5; 20 points per level thereafter

Reasons For Improvement

Having enough experience points to raise a characteristic is usually not enough. There must also be an explanation as to why the character improved in that area, and usually those reasons are determined in the course of the game. If the character used a skill or Attribute repeatedly in the previous few plots, it would make sense for that skill or Attribute to get better through practice. To learn a brand-new skill, the character must have spent some time and effort working on that skill before being allowed to spend the points to acquire it. To acquire a Quality, eliminate a Drawback or gain new supernatural powers, there must have been a series of events or circumstances that make it sensible for the new characteristic to appear in the character.

Additional Notes

  • Characters who make the IC change to vampire or Werewolf and have the Qualities Medium or Prophet will be reimbursed the cost of the qualities.
  • Witches and Psychics who make the change to werewolf or Vampire will receive 1/2 of any XP spent on invocations/Powers. Characters will not be refunded points spent in creation.