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2017.06.23 - OOC Notification By Lane

We're looking for a few good wolves! The werewolf sphere has always been an active source of RP here, and we hope to keep that going strong. We're looking to boost our numbers. If you've never played a werewolf before don't worry, we'll help you! If you only know World of Darkness then don't worry, it's not hard to adjust! If you want to be included but you don't want the burden of full moon transformations no worries, you never have to play a transformation! Hell, app a wolfkin!

We're currently looking for anyone interested, but people interested in forming packs will be fulfilling my wishlist.

If you have questions or want to see how you can work yourself into the sphere feel free to contact me and we'll talk it out, or you can contact Occult (or any staffer).