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2017.09.04 - OOC Notification By Bram

This is not exactly posted in the local paper but rumor is spreading that The Triple 6, Havens only supernatural only bar, is looking for a few good men and women in need of employment. Naturally not just anyone will do. These individuals need to come ready to work, and naturally there's more to the establishment than meets the eye.

Bram is seeking

  • Bartenders
  • Muscle
  • Waitresses

Only the physically fit need apply, no doe-eyed innocents or delicate flowers please. Bram's establishment is best known for their weekend, super-only bare-knuckle fights, cheap drinks and seedy clientele. Also, not commonly known is the fact that Bram is also 'Zombie', a well connected black markets dealer in exotic goods and weapons (Knowledge requires a Streetwise of 4).

If you are interested in getting into the crime scene this is a great way. Contact Bram to set up a scene if you're interested.