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Incentive Points can be spent in creation or to held till later. To spend Incentive Points, players should submit a +Request (+request Incentive Points=<Text>) including all spends.

  • Incentive points are spent at the same costs as in CG.
  • Incentives may only be spent in the waiting room of CG, before approval and RP have taken place.

Current Incentives

  • Sphere Incentive: Incentives Vary
    • Mundane: 10xp (Psychics, Thralls and Wolfkin included)
    • Werewolf: 5xp
    • Vampire: 10xp
    • University Faculty/Professors: 1xp
    • Police Officers: 1xp
  • Character Page: 1xp
    • Don't forget to tag your page with: [[Category:Tag]]
    • Possible tags are: Characters, Mundane, Thrall, Kinfolk, Vampire, Werewolf, Psychic, PD & University
  • Business Owner: 1xp (Must be a physical business. Building requests are explained HERE)
    • - For apping a business owner. Click HERE for available businesses or app your own.

Additional incentives may be added as the game progresses.

Keep In Mind

Incentive Spend Rules:

  • Incentives may up Attributes no higher than 'Above Average' of your race.
  • Incentives may not result in a level 5 skill.
  • Players may not have more than 3 skills at 4.
  • Players may purchase new skills, but they need to make sense.

To spend your incentives, please use +Request (+Help Request). Last Updated: 06/24/2017