Character Creation

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Character Creation can be as hard or as easy as you choose. Everything you need to complete your application can be located on the wiki or within the CC room itself. Please note that staff are always here to help, so should you find yourself struggling, please don't be afraid to reach out. Remember, staff are people too so they may be idle and it may take them a moment to get back to you. Also, always feel free to ask for help on the Newbie channel (use +New <text>).

  • Please remember to read the rooms in CG carefully.
  • Staff have outlined all stat caps and important notes there.
  • Also be sure that you have read and understand the games Policies before you hit +Finished in CC.

Character Creation Steps

1) Character Basics
2) Attributes
3) Qualities & Drawbacks
4) Skills
5) Freebies
6) Finishing Touches