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This is a list of all characters that are currently being played on Wicked Things.

If you want to create a character page, simply search for your name in the search box above, then click on create this page. Be sure to include the snippit of [[Category:Active PCs]] along with your race (list found below) at the top or bottom of you page. Doing so will allow it to shows up in this listing. You can also access the template for character pages by using the Character Page Tutorial.

  • To see which PBs (Played-Bys) are in use you can check HERE.
  • When adding images to your character page keep in mind the Wiki Image Policy.
  • Current race tags are:
[[Category:Mundane]], [[Category:Psychic]], [[Category:Medium]], [[Category:Prophet]], [[Category:Werewolf]], [[Category:Wolfkin]], [[Category:Vampire]], [[Category:Thrall]]

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